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Dec 21, 2017

#1 Linkedin Influencer Interview Jeff Haden

Couldn’t be more fired up for this week’s blog featuring my discussion with huge Linkedin Influencer and Inc. Magazine contributing editor Jeff Haden. If you are on Linkedin then you probably have run across Jeff’s stuff. It’s excellent.

Here at BarthCalderon, LLP we work with a ton of owners, execs and families all across the country helping them to pull their personal and business estate and asset protection planning together.

Jeff is working with a similar group of people we help so always interested in learning about what’s going on with our community out there.

I reached out to Jeff on Linkedin and asked if he would join me for an episode of Wealth Protector TV.

Hope you enjoy it – it’s an easy listen.  Click below.



I am continuing to put out our free college cost reduction eBook because the demand for it has been huge. If you have kids in grammar, middle or high school this eBook is a MUST READ.

The eBook is all about how to take control of the college financial aid process to give yourself the best chance for help. Most parents make a ton of mistakes that end up costing them thousands of extra dollars – many thousands.

You can click the image below to instantly get the eBook. Was written by Stanford alum and Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has figured out what is behind the financial aid curtain.

Thanks and don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions about your own planning. My calendar link is below.


Paul Hitchcock

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