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Apr 10, 2019

Own Property? Don’t Ignore This…

Mold. Dog bites. Falling shelves. Slip & fall. Evictions. What a wonderful picture these words paint. Unfortunately, anyone who is in the business of owning rental property must be hyper focused on where liability comes from.

Grab your spot now for our upcoming episode of Wealth Protector TV. Our live show will feature two expert attorneys who will reveal exactly how to handle sticky tenant issues and how to guard your assets if an issue rises up to a lawsuit.

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Our experts will tell you that if you own investment property, you must run your business like a well-oiled machine. Small mistakes can balloon to painful lawsuits. For example, mold issues can devolve into legal claims of respiratory problems and lost wages.
The one/two punch that is important for property owners is to manage tenants properly while also guarding your assets in case of the unforeseen lawsuit. Our experts will reveal exactly how to do this.

Bonus Video

Our experts travel the country delivering workshops to many incredible property owner groups. They see and hear it all. One of the hot button questions they get asked about is how to integrate a property LLC into a living trust. Great questions were asked, so click the image below to check out the answers. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel when you watch the video and you will get notified the minute we put out a new hot topic.

If you have any planning issues we can provide some input on, then click below to check out our assessment. We cover a lot of ground.

Hope to see you on the live show next week!




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