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Nov 3, 2021

Asset Protection & Estate Planning Update

Our firm is incredibly busy right now helping business owners, property owners, advisors, and families across the country to understand the dramatic changes taking place in the world of estate and asset protection planning.

Big changes are brewing that could impact you and/or your business.

You know that we are all about GIVING BACK to our community through value-based education that helps you to get organized, updated, and protected.

On November 4th at 1 pm PDT, we are going LIVE with top attorney James Nguyen & will be breaking down the important changes you need to understand.

James will also give you a behind-the-curtain look at the tools and strategies successful owners, advisors & families are using to guard their assets.

Click the TV image below to secure your spot on Zoom for our live event. We will be taking questions so get ready to fire away and no issue is too small or large to get input from us.



I sat down with attorney Brent Honea to discuss the unforeseen consequences of neglecting your Will & Trust planning.

It’s spooky, click the image below to check that out.



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