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Sep 26, 2018

3 things you must be doing as an entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs build their wealth through business ownership. The grind of running a company can be intense.

A good many of these entrepreneurs, and you may be one of them, often don’t pay close enough attention to their estate and asset protection planning. This is not a criticism but an observation. In fact recent studies show that over 70% of entrepreneurs have outdated planning.

A concern is if life throws you a curve ball or planning is inadequate, people and businesses get hurt both emotionally and financially.

A successful plan to safeguard both personal and business assets stems from a proper planning foundation. It is this foundation that breeds efficiency, integration and a comprehensive solution.

There are 3 critical components to a successful planning foundation that every entrepreneur must pursue. We walk you through them in our short video below.

I hope you take just a few minutes to check it out, click image below…

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Paul Hitchcock
Director of Business Development


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