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Jul 11, 2017

Brady Bunch Good Planning

I am very excited to bring you this week’s planning video from my colleague and asset protection and estate planning expert Brad Barth. These short videos cover important planning issues that relate to real-life situations we are dealing with at the firm and we will produce a brand new video each week for this blog.

The purpose of the videos is to continue to deliver valuable content to you on topics that are relevant and timely.

Our first video deals with planning for blended families.

Bonus!! Check out the awesome Instagram e-book at the end and I tell you more about that below.

Probably one of the most well-known blended families on TV is the one below, unless you are in your 20’s. Then you have no idea who these people are.

The Brady Bunch was a 1969 TV series and many of us have a favorite episode. Coming from an asset protection planning firm, can you guess which episode is one of my favorites?

Of course it’s the one when Carol’s minor parking lot fender-bender turns into a nightmare when the other driver claims it was her fault, exaggerates his damages and takes her to court. Hilarious!

Blended families and proper planning is a big deal these days. In the video below, Brad lays out some of the common mistakes people make that lead to horrific unintended consequences. He also explains how to properly build your blended family estate plan – and these tools are good for everyone to understand.

Click the button for Brad’s video.

So, do you think Instagram is only for your kids or grandkids? That’s what I used to think and I was wrong! More and more professionals and companies are using Instagram for branding and engagement and the site is just blowing up! In a good way of course.

Click here for your Instagram e-book, I found this to be incredibly valuable. Our team here at BarthCalderon (the 20 somethings behind the scenes) are doing some really cool things with our own Barth Instagram site.



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