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Mar 23, 2018

Can I get your input on this?

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The question I have for you is this; ” have you ever had to confront a totally unexpected event in your life.” I imagine the answer is probably a resounding “yes!”

Maybe it’s a health issue to you, your significant other or a friend. On the brighter side, perhaps you experienced an unsolicited awesome offer for your business.

Of course we all know that life can be highly random and both good and bad stuff happens. In our world of asset protection, it is the bad that gets the most attention and that which we work so hard to mitigate. Unfortunately, debilitating lawsuits are closely tied to this random nature of life.

 And the growth of lawsuits is out of hand. 
Who ever really knows if any of this type of activity will happen?:
  • Is your 16 year old child driver going to injure someone in a car crash that leads to a big fat lawsuit against Mom and Dad?
  • Will your tenant feel they are extremely sick due to the mold exposure in the unit? And come after you.
  • Will a business venture go south? Leading to litigation from those feeling they have been wronged.
  • Do you think when Amazon sellers started their on-line businesses they thought they would be fighting to protect their personal assets from local taxing authorities? This is going on right now in a big way.

All of this brings me to a really great LIVE stream webcast we just put the finishing touches on and it deals with Asset Protection & Tenant Lawsuits.

 Instead of devoting this week’s blog to writing a bunch of words on this topic, we are delivering this fully loaded webcast with all the great info.

We have two incredible presenters. Harry Barth is the founder of our firm BarthCalderon and a nationally recognized expert in asset protection. Steve Williams is the co-founder of the law firm Fried and Williams, he is in high demand for his talks and his firm represents landlords in tenant disputes.

Steve and Harry give an eye-opening talk on how to prevent tenant lawsuits, how to handle a lawsuit when it comes and how to guard your assets from that runaway lawsuit.

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When we put on these webinars, invariably we get asked for input on how to get planning updated. Rental income property owners ask us about LLC’s and other protection tools and so do business owners.
Families ask us how estate planning figures into owning a business or a house or having kids. Or how estate planning integrates with rental income property ownership. So I tell them to go to our complimentary assessment page and see how it works. You can check out that page below by clicking the button:

Thanks for checking out this weeks blog and don’t ever hesitate to book a call with me to learn more about our resources.


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