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May 2, 2019

Collection vs. Protection

Martin Greenbaum owns one of the largest collection law firms in the country.  If life throws you a curve ball, you get sued, and Martin is hired to come after you to satisfy a judgement, then your life is over! Martin is relentless and will even take your home if it’s not protected.

Harry Barth owns one of the most well respected asset protection firms in the country.  He has devoted himself to protecting the hard earned assets of families everywhere.  Harry is your advocate.

For the first time ever, we got these two famed attorneys in one room to battle it out.


Martin will reveal exactly how he is able to get to your assets and the most common mistakes people make that let him waltz right in.  Harry will pull the curtain to show you the asset protection tools and strategies that you can utilize to fend off an attack from the likes of Martin.

By clicking below, you can pick a convenient time to view the bout or instantly watch a replay.

Imagine you own an investment property and your tenant sues you over a mold claim. You end up in court and the judge awards your tenant $300,000 dollars for the mold claim. Plus attorney’s fees of $1.7 million! Yes, this is real and was just highlighted by a prominent landlord attorney on our recent episode of Wealth Protector TV.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel here to check that episode out and get notified when we post brand new content.

I assure you that we see case after case of multi million dollars suits coming from car accidents, employee issues, tenant issues, professional practice liabilities, dog bites, divorces, personal guarantees gone wrong, property flipping, child activities (think house party when you are gone + alcohol + injury = lawsuit), mold claims, business disagreements among partners and on and on and on.

If you fall into any of these categories then Collection vs Protection will be an eye-opening experience:

  • You own a business with or without a business partner
  • You own an investment property
  • You are a real estate professional
  • You advise others who own businesses or properties
  • You are a tax professional or attorney or dentist…
  • You have substantial assets in stocks, bonds, and cash
  • You have IRA’s and other retirement accounts
  • You are a wealth manager or insurance advisor
  • You are a coach to CEO’s and other entrepreneurs
  • You run an Amazon business or other online operation
  • You are married and have meaningful assets together
  • You have inherited assets from Mom and Dad


So grab your spot and take notes. This is a good one.





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