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Nov 21, 2018

Webinar Alert: December 5th is Just Around the Corner

Don’t Miss Our Next Webinar on December 5th at 9:00am PST


I just put a special live webinar on the calendar and want to get the word out to you. The last live webinar we put on literally booked up in about 35 minutes.
This is Paul from BarthCalderon and if you follow us regularly then you know that we love to connect you to truly valuable planning content. The reason we do this is because it helps us to build a trusted relationship with you.
Our hope is that you lean on us as a valuable resource for strategic information that helps you in some way.

Our last two workshops on asset protection were unreal.

One of them was to a large group of rental income property owners and here is a photo of our founder Harry Barth getting mobbed after his presentation…
That event was fantastic and we are helping many of the attendees to get their asset protection and estate planning updated. Dealing with their properties is a big part of it.
Then just about a week ago we delivered an asset protection talk in Vegas to the National Summit for Street Sweepers. Incredible time!
Yes, there is a big industry around privately owned street sweeping companies and they are successful businesses run by good people. Many of them family owned. Click the image below for my fun 51 second video of the Vegas sweeper event.
Like any other business, the sweepers welcome our input on how to get organized, protected and updated when it comes to estate and asset protection planning.
All of this brings me to our next live webinar with one of our top attorneys and experts Brad Barth. Brad travels around the country delivering his asset protection, estate planning and business planning workshops to many incredible organizations.
For our next live webinar, we put together our Top 5 List. These are the top issues we are getting asked about from the attendees to our workshops. So we thought it would be a great idea to highlight these issues for you.
They are…
  1. How to protect yourself in the sale of a business
  2. Integrating a business with your family trust
  3. Building asset protection provisions into your buy/sell agreement
  4. Putting business vehicles into a separate Limited Liability Company
  5. Protect yourself from the risk associated with a personal guarantee
We are also going to open up the webinar to Q&A. You will get the chance to ask about any of your planning issues, even if they are not part of our top 5.
Grab your spot now because these live webinar always fill up fast. Click below.

If you have any immediate planning needs that require input, click below to schedule a call and I can get you connected to the appropriate expert at our firm.


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