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May 8, 2019

Discover How Successful Entrepreneurs Handle Debt & Wealth Preservation

I couldn’t be more excited for our next episode of Wealth Protector TV. I have two gigantic experts joining the show and can’t believe I was able to pin them down.

Asset protection planning is the process of organizing your assets and affairs, IN ADVANCE, in order to guard yourself from one of life’s unforeseen events. It’s about taking control of your life to protect you and your family and the legacy you want to leave behind.


Which leads right into our show!
Leslie Tayne is the Founder and Managing Attorney of The Tayne Law Group, an award winning financial attorney, and best selling author. She has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, Forbes, Huffington Post, U.S. News & World Report, and many more.

Leslie is a sought out expert and media source on various financial and debt related areas including: student loans, credit cards, mortgages, business loans, and bankruptcy alternatives. On the show, Leslie will expose the common myths about debt and how to change the mindset from debt centered to goal oriented. Mismanaged debt often times leads to creditor attacks which is why we will address how proper asset protection planning fits in.



Natalie Elisha Gold is the Founder and Managing Attorney of Elisha Law and the best selling author of The Millennial’s Guide To The Universe. She has appeared on Fox, HLN, Yahoo News, and CBS.


Natalie finds her passion helping entrepreneurs, professionals and families to protect their financial legacy through self empowerment. On the show, she will reveal her template for preservation that she teaches all across the country and how BarthCalderon’s asset protection focus plays a big role.


These two ladies are dynamic and don’t hold back. You are going to get an earful. This will fill up fast so click the image below to secure your spot.



Our Wealth Protector TV show allows us to bring you high value content that can make a real impact on your life.


Here at BarthCalderon, we find purpose in helping people like you to “figure it out.” I am talking about the burden you probably feel in trying to get organized and updated with your planning. The problem is that everyone knows “advisors”, but there never seems to be a planning quarterback who can pull it all together. Different advisors have varying ideas about things and so it becomes a massive headache trying to figure out what to do.


This leads to:
  • inertia
  • missed opportunities
  • the potential for financial and emotional pain because you were not prepared for an unforeseen event.


Which can all get expensive if there are too many cooks in the kitchen.
As a planning quarterback, we get a ton of satisfaction helping you to pull it all together. If you have any immediate questions about your planning, click the puzzle image to check out our assessment process.


Thanks and hope to see you on the show.





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