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Aug 16, 2017

Getting This Wrong Can Doom Your Business

Do you remember the story of Webvan? It’s a fascinating history of a business failure. This was a really big and expensive idea for a new food delivery business and the financial backers were the “who’s who” – Benchmark Capital, Sequoia Capital, Borders, E-Trade, Yahoo and others.

Webvan had a fleet of these for a while:

Well, this story ended with a bankruptcy. I remember the Webvan bust really well because this was a Bay Area company and I was working in San Francisco at the time. It was a crazy time back then in the late 90’s just before the tech stock bubble popped. Webvan was a darling of the tech stock boom and a villain of the tech crash.

I bring up Webvan because the focus of this week’s blog is protecting your business. My colleague Brad Barth is an expert in estate and asset protection planning and he created a brand new business content video. This new short video deals with a critically important component of estate planning that every business owner needs to understand. Especially if there are multiple owners involved in the business.

And please don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on the content of this blog or on any other component of your estate, business & asset protection planning.

So with that, I hope you take a minute to listen to Brad’s video – please click below.


Paul Hitchcock

Director of Business Development

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