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Aug 15, 2018

People are reacting to this in a big way…

I have 2 big announcements today. The first one is time sensitive and deals with our upcoming LIVE Estate, Business & Asset Protection Forum with keynote speaker and expert Brad Barth, Esq. The second one is our new Wealth Protector T.V. videos.

Wednesday August 15th at 10am PST

Brad is one of our top experts in estate, business and asset protection planning and a top keynote speaker across the country.

There will be a live Q&A where you can type your questions. Brad will break down the issues right on the forum and it’s just a fantastic learning environment.

Think about your own life and what is going on. What planning questions do you have? Bring them to the forum.


Our brand new Wealth Protector TV video is exploding with interest! The topic is a hot one and deals with a tool we use to reduce or eliminate taxes on the sale of a highly appreciated asset.

The asset could be a business, a piece of property or stocks. Click below to check it out and we would love your feedback.

The 28:26 minute mark is where Brad does a deep dive into one specific tool.

Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the content in our blog. We’ll get you connected to the appropriate expert.


Paul Hitchcock
Director of Business Development
BarthCalderon, LLP


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