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Business Planning

What is business planning?

Business planning can either be an informal or formal process that develops methods of handling finances, contracts, and investments for the company to follow. At Barth Calderon LLP, we work with company owners to guide them through the business planning process. Our goal is to prepare them for the challenges that will be faced in their competitive market. We offer legal advice on the selection of business entities and the formation of a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and limited liability partnership (LLP). As you prepare for your professional ventures, you will need the representation of our asset protection lawyers to successfully navigate the process.

Formation of Business Documents

Our Orange attorneys maintain a reputation of providing high-quality and professional legal guidance throughout every step of a client’s case. We are committed to assisting owners in any way possible and can even serve as general counsel for their business structure. In this relationship, we can provide you with expert legal guidance throughout the development of your business. Every step of your business’ growth will require legal supervision and planning from our firm. If you are in need of assistance for equipment financing / leasing, acquisitions, mergers, or tax planning, we can be by your side each step of the way.

Our primary goal at Barth Calderon LLP, is to ensure that your assets are protected throughout each phase of your business formation. With this aim in mind, we can assist with the negotiation, drafting and review of your contracts to ensure that there are no missing considerations. Although you are just beginning to build up your company, our firm can also assist with business succession planning, including generational transfers. For further information about how we can be of assistance to your company, contact us today!