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Dec 14, 2017

The GURU Interview

I have two brand new interviews with a couple of dynamic coach’s. 
Gary Sipos grew up poor (sleeping in Dad’s car poor), but through an extreme focus he put himself through Stanford University. And then founded several Silicon Valley companies which he sold for millions.
Over the last 10 years, Gary has dedicated himself to cracking the college financial aid code. He wanted to figure out what is behind the college financial aid curtain so that he could provide the knowledge to families across the country.

In a recent episode of Wealth Protector TV, I got together with Gary and asked him to highlight several of his college cost reduction secrets. Click below to check it out.

If you have an interest in learning more about solving the college financial aid puzzle, click below for some great resources:

Business Content Series
Bill Black is the Founder and Host of Exit Coach Radio, a huge a.m. radio show and podcast that is broadcast from Los Angeles, CA. Bill has interviewed and worked with over a thousand business owners during his career, helping owners with growing the value of their business and exit and transition.
Bill has listened first hand to what owners across the country are telling him about the successes and challenges they face. As part of our business content series on Wealth Protector TV, I sat down with Bill for a discussion about the top 5 planning issues owners are talking about. Click below for a listen.

For valuable business content resources, click below to learn more:

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