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Jul 11, 2017

U2 s Bono Mom’s Death

this is Paul and this is my weekly estate and asset protection blog. T he sole purpose of my blog is to bring you valuable info that is easy to digest for busy professionals.

I typically include a brief video from my colleague Brad and people love these! This one has to do with your kids and is really important.

Click below for Brad’s brand new video and my short story follows.

Last Saturday night we put on a lively and interactive estate planning workshop for an incredible group of people in Monrovia, California – in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

The workshop was at the community center and it was “family night” for this religious group. Not only were we presented with gifts during the introduction, but we were invited to stay for food afterward.

We did and the food was awesome!

What was so great about this event was the focus on family. The kids were organized into a side room during the “adult” presentation and kept busy with their own fun activities.

Reminded me of growing up and being seated at the kids table for the Thanksgiving meal at aunt Gert & uncle Bob’s house in Arcadia, CA.

Seeing all the kids Saturday night and talking to the parents, got me thinking about guardianship for kids when it comes to estate planning. This is a big deal.

Nobody ever wants to think about one of life’s curve balls that results in someone else having to care for our kids. But it’s a reality for far too many people in our country due to illness and injury.

In fact recently I was with a few buddies watching the live Red Rock’s concert video of this guy’s band…

That’s Bono and his Mom passed away when he was 14 from a brain aneurysm. And it occurred at her own Dad’s funeral. Awful story. Bono said this event fueled his anger and passion that he injected into his music.

So what happens when parents cannot take care of their kids?

It can get a bit complicated if all your duck’s are not lined up.

Guardianship for your kids is something you lay out in specific terms in your estate plan. There are some critically important nuances that Brad talks about in his video above so I hope you can check it out.

Thank you for your time and I truly hope you get some value from this blog.

As a quick side note – I live in the Bay Area with my wife and four kids and you can click the links below to learn more about me and our firm.

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