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Jul 11, 2017

Wow Did you know this

this is Paul and thanks for checking out my planning blog for busy professionals.

The sole purpose of this blog is to provide you with valuable planning tools and techniques and I send it out once a week.

As you know, we like to produce really great planning videos here. They are short and to the point and chalk full of good info.

We just put together a brand new video and hope you can take a listen. It has to do with your planning and powers of attorney – this is something everyone on the planet should understand. Click below…

The reason everyone needs to know the info in the video is because “life happens.” And if you don’t make decisions about your estate plan then the courts will make them for you.

And nobody wants this!

And PLEASE remember that a common mistake people make is thinking estate planning is just for dying. In reality, your living trust goes into effect the minute you draft and record it.

So estate planning is for NOW! Because you need to make decisions for YOU.

Hey, it can be a really positive experience.

I am always open for a discussion about your planning so feel free to hit reply to this email and we can talk. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.


Paul Hitchcock
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