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Business Transactions

Representation Nationwide

At Barth Calderon LLP, we assist business owners through the transactions their companies make and provide them with knowledgeable representation. Our legal team offers outstanding representation and reliable counsel to all prospective clients. Obtaining the guidance of our asset protection lawyers can ensure that your business transactions are administered as efficiently as possible. During the initial consultation, we can evaluate ways to protect the future of your company through transactions that are made. Our team will always keep your best interests in mind, and if you are in need of obtaining a solid structure for your organization or drafting a contract, we encourage you to work with Barth Calderon LLP.

Business and Corporate Transactions

During your business transaction, our firm can help ensure that your assets are protected. Whether you are facing a minor or complex action, we offer your company the legal advice needed to successfully complete the transaction in compliance with all regulations and laws. We represent a diverse range of business clients, including entrepreneurs and small business owners, through various transactions and contract matters that may affect their financial state. Transactions that our firm commonly handles include the formation of a corporation, limited liability partnership, or limited liability company. Our team can help you start your business, provide you with services as general counsel, and assist you with the consolidation of your company, including mergers and acquisitions.

At Barth Calderon LLP, we have the experience that you need by your side as your entity undergoes important changes. Our services include attentive and high-quality representation. Whether your needs involve contract negotiation, tax planning or business succession, our attorneys can guide you through each stage of the transaction process. Additionally, we have a strong network of clients and other professionals we can refer to if the situation requires outside industry-specific professional assistance. Our goal is to give all necessary resources to our clients as they undergo all business transactions. Contact us today for the counsel you need as you seek to develop your business!