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Intellectual Property Law

Asset Protection Attorney Explains IP Laws

Intellectual property is defined as a form of property that is intangible rather than personal or real. This kind of property includes inventions, ideas, business concepts and patented products, and other things that are unique to the individual who created them. Intellectual property laws involve the oversight of exclusive property rights of images, names, symbols and designs. Patent law, copyright law, and trademark law overlap with intellectual property law. If you or your business requires legal assistance with an intellectual property law issue, do not hesitate to speak with our asset protection lawyer.

Forms of Intellectual Property

Four basic forms of intellectual property exist and can protect individuals’ rights to their intangible possessions: copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. A copyright can be held for a limited amount of time by the author of an original work. It protects against the unauthorized reproduction, performance and distribution of that piece. A trademark is a law that protects consumers from being fooled by illegitimate brands that use the name or logo of a known company. Patents are used for the protection of inventors by giving them exclusive rights to manufacture their product for a limited amount of time. Trade secrets are laws that protect secret business information and permit the authority to sue if their information is stolen.

If you are the creator of any type of intellectual property, you may come across a legal issue involving the protection of your works. You can secure the legal assistance and counsel of an intellectual property attorney to help protect your assets. Our firm can help you establish your rights as the author, engineer or manager of the property you are seeking to protect. With our experience on your side, you can have the confidence that your intellectual property rights are safeguarded. Contact us today for a free case evaluation!