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Contracts in Business Law

Understanding Contracts

Contracts are a necessary part of the operation of any business. It is important to understand the basics of a contract and what to do when a legal dispute arises. These legally binding documents are essential for proper business operations involving employees, contractors, commercial landlords and other individuals. These agreements ensure the proper management and operation of a business. Because a contract is legally binding, if one party does not uphold his or her end of the deal, the other party can seek damages. A breach of contract is made if either individual or entity does not follow through with their responsibilities.

Representation from Our Asset Protection Attorneys

Many requirements must be met for a contract to be considered enforceable in a court of law. Contracts are written documents that must include all the following elements: definitions of key terms, a statement of the purpose, obligations of each party, boilerplate provisions, and a signature block. Commercial contracts must be written in a way that does not violate any law. At Barth Calderon LLP, our asset protection lawyers can help ensure that all items of a contract are included in compliance with the law and with your best interests in mind.

Contract Disputes

Contract fraud occurs when one party enters the agreement with the purposeful intent of deceit. Fraud can involve a wide range of deceptive practices but typically concerns the misrepresentation of a fact in the agreement. If you have been defrauded by another party in a contract, you may be able to either rescind the document or affirm the contract and pursue damages. As your Orange asset protection attorneys, we can help you pursue contract litigation. Contact us today if you have been defrauded or would like assistance creating a contract. We offer a free case evaluation to help you obtain the help you need.