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Charitable Law & Tax Planning

Orange Asset Protection Attorneys

At Barth Calderon LLP, many of our clients require information and legal counsel regarding how to manage tax liability and charitable gifts. We represent nonprofit organizations, including religious, educational and other civic institutions. Whether you are a startup charity or a large corporate international charity, our firm can offer the guidance you need to succeed in your venture. Transactions between for-profit and nonprofit organizations can often become complex, and we can represent both types of entities. If you are a business providing a charitable gift for a nonprofit organization, speak with one of our asset protection lawyers today!

Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations

As a nonprofit or charitable organization, we help with a variety of needs that your company may have. Our clients can call upon our experience to provide legal guidance and to structure charitable gifts in a tax-efficient manner. Consult our team if you are experiencing issues with any of the following topics:

  • Charitable giving
  • Charitable organizations law
  • Charitable trusts and foundations
  • Nonprofit organizations law
  • Nonprofit tax law
  • Private foundations
  • Public charities
  • Tax exempt organizations

Our charitable giving attorneys are dedicated to honoring the role that nonprofit organizations play in California. Part of this process is making sure that funds are used for charitable purposes and not for private interests. As your business seeks to structure charitable gifts in a tax-efficient manner, we can help ensure that no charitable law violations are made. We provide comprehensive client service for the administration of charitable trusts and the upholding of charitable law. Consideration of how taxes will affect your assets and organization is important. As you integrate your goals with charity and planned giving, our lawyers strive to meet your needs and ensure that all actions are done in compliance with the law. Contact us today for legal assistance!