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Franchise Law

Asset Protection Attorney

A franchise is a form of chain store that is used to distribute goods. If you are a franchisor, our firm is aware of the many legal responsibilities you have regarding the maintenance of your company. Many state and federal franchise laws govern the start-up and existence of your business. At Barth Calderon LLP, we can help in many ways, including the implementation of changes to your organization when necessary.

Our firm seeks to help you lay a strong foundation for the successful operation of your business and interactions with franchisees. Our asset protection lawyers have more than 120 combined years of experience assisting franchisors. We know the state and federal laws concerning franchises and can help you ensure compliance in all operations.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Whatever stage you are at in a franchise, it is important to obtain all available information on these business entities. If you are not sure whether a franchise is right for your business goals, we can discuss the types of franchises, as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Our firm can help prepare a franchise contract and ensure that all necessary information is included within the agreement.

Are you already the owner of a franchise and require legal assistance with a difficult matter? At Barth Calderon LLP, we help make sure that all guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are met. Our legal representation will be aimed at the protection of the assets within the franchise. Whatever stage you are at within the business enterprise, we can assist you. Our firm can help determine whether a franchise is right for you, form your company, enter into franchise relationship, and negotiate the terms of a franchise contract. Contact us today for the legal representation you need to pursue your best interests!